MotoReaper v1.0 Universal Motorola FRP Removal Tool By Phonelab

Motoreaper FRP removal tool is a great tool to remove FRP lock on a Motorola device. If you got a Motorola phone which is locked with Google account, and you have used tools to remove that FRP lock but nothing working it out. So, this tool is made up, which is developed by the Phone lab. The tool is very easy to go, just tap the download button to download this on your computer and follow me in removing the FRP lock of the phone.

How to use Motoreaper FRP Removal Tool:

Motoreaper has been tested on many android devices and Android version, up till now, this is working fine. Like it was tested on 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0, hope it will work fine with the latest Android versions as well.
  • First, download the Motoreaper FRP removal tool from the link below, and install it on your computer, hope the installation will go smoothly for your PC.

  • And launch this application on the computer,

  • You will see a new screen where “I have done that” written

  • Read all the instructions on that screen.

  • If the device which you are using connected the internet or WI-FI factory reset the phone and does not connect the phone again

  • Now, powers off the mobile phone which you are using, and press the power and volume down button simultaneously, it will enter bootloader mode.

  • Press the volume down button until you see the Factory mode of the phone, and then press power to select.

  • Now, you plug your Motorola device with the computer and check either you have installed the Motorola USB driver correctly on your computer, otherwise, check the USB driver section to download the USB drivers as well.

  • Press“I have done that button” after doing all which I wrote above.

  • Now, it will show you that the device has been connected successfully.

  • You will see some reading and graphics on the screen of the Motorola device, enable the USB debugging on the device

  • Now, simply press unlock now button, and within no time the device will be unlocked.

  • You can use the device, there will be no FRP lock on the device, hope you will go through all this successfully.

    Features of Motoreaper FRP Removal Tool:

    Motoreaper FRP removal tool is developed and created by Root Junky and DeoSnow, the developer of Phone lab. So, that is great tool to use, and there is no bugs reports found up till now on any android version
  • Very simple to use too, just press couple of button to remove the FRP lock of the device

  • Work fine on every Android version, even will work smoothly on Android 8.0

  • Work on click base, no need to go through the installation of dozens of software to remove the single FRP lock of the phone

  • User-friendly, neat interface

  • Can be used on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

  • Can be installed on every Windows versions

  • Free to use, no need to pay any amount

  • Hope you will unlock the FRP lock of the Motorola mobile phone which was hurting you while using the mobile phone.

  • We already have given a download link; you can have the link, tap the download button and install this tool on your computer. Hope the download button will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section, we will update the link as soon as possible.

    Download Motorola FRP Removal Tool
    Click here for firmware
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